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Myth 5: 'Tis The Season with The Highest Suicide Rate
In fact, suicide rates are lowest during winter months. But you wouldn't know that if you read your local daily. For 30 Christmases and counting, Florida psychologist Peter A. Wish has been hearing the same grievance from clients: "Women feel that they have to do it all—and everybody would just as soon dump everything on them." When you're spread too thin, everyone around you suffers; doing less is good for your sanity and for your family.

Repeat that mantra until you're convinced, and then start cutting. Psychologist and stress expert James Quick suggests going down your errands list and asking yourself, Is this chore most important to me right now? If the answer is no, cross it off and forget about it. And when all else fails, do what we do: Pour a glass of wine, put Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" on playback, and breeze out island-style, because every little ting gonna be all right.

Carla Murphy