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Myth 2: Wrapping Pretty Presents is Back-Breaking Work
Okay, this one could be true—if you're armed with a near-depleted roll of tape and rusty scissors. "The experience won't be grueling if you have the right supplies ready to go and in one place," says Melanie Nerenberg, special projects director at Kate's Paperie, a New York City stationery chain that wrapped several thousand gifts last holiday season.

Nerenberg recommends using a heavy, office-style tape dispenser, so you can rip pieces off with one hand, and razor-sharp scissors. Simplify the process by choosing a single color scheme, white paper and red bows, for example. Or you can go the gift bag route, which doesn't have to cost $5 a pop. Nerenberg suggests you buy brown paper bags with handles, snip off the handles, and replace them with velvet ribbons. (Just use a hole punch and thread them through.) "Tie on an ornament if you want to make it really festive"—without breaking a sweat.

Jenny Bailly