Time management is essential to finding free time in your schedule, says life coach Martha Beck. Use her suggestions to start making some time just for you.

Create a Family Team.
Everyone in the family must learn that they are part of a team and be willing to do their part. "The mom is like the pitcher on the team, only she's carrying the bats, she's furnishing the equipment, she's driving the truck, she's cleaning up after practice. She's overwhelmed, and she can't really do the part the way she's supposed to." Call a mandatory family meeting to make sure this is understood.

Create a Family Calendar.
Make a calendar with everyone's daily activities. Determine how time can be saved for you and the family can still be happy. Is anyone willing to give up any activities on some days? Figure out if carpools are possible. If so, schedule the kids' activities so you have "blocks" of time for yourself.

Omit unnecessary activity!
What's really important on your "To Do" list? Your most important activities are only those that directly affect you achieving your life goals.
Create a "To Do" and a "Not to Do" List.

Practice and rehearse saying "No."
Martha says that saying "No" is a skill that must be mastered! Try memorizing the steps it will take you to turn someone down because you're too busy, and practice saying the word before you're put on the spot.


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