15. Figure out how to operate at least one feature of your cell phone, Blackberry, Tivo or iPad that you're not using and isn't all that necessary to your actual life but is rather cool.

16. Create your own blog.

17. Come up with one can't-miss-meal—and serve it to six friends.

18. Try a new kind of yoga class.

19. Conquer your revulsion at putting the worm on the hook.

20. Tennis, anyone?

21. Learn to be alone (turn off your TV and your phone, shut down your computer, and enjoy a little solitude).

22. only takes one to practice.

23. Buy an atlas; spend some time with it. You'll never know when Meredith Viera will call and you'll have to be a lifeline.

24. Polish your inner Joni Mitchell: Pick up the guitar you put down in tenth grade.

25. Learn to juggle. We mean oranges, not responsibilities.

More Ways to Brighten Your Day
From the January 2001 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.


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