The Business of Tanning
1. More than 30 million Americans visit a tanning salon each year.
2. More than 1 million a day check in to brown up.
3. Upwards of 70 percent of all devoted tanners are Caucasian women aged 16-49.
4. Indoor tanning is a $5 billion dollar a year biz.
5. The World Health Organization has called for the ban of teen tanning at salons.
6. Half of U.S. states regulate teen tanning.

Eye See the Light
1. The Centers for Disease Control says your eyes are harmed by UV light, with potential damage including blindness. Goggles and sunglasses only protect so much.
2. UVA, UVB + UVC are the three types of light rays.
3. UVA + UVB are both dangerous and cause skin cancer.
4. UV rays increase with altitude, so if you vacation or live at higher elevation, the cost to your eyes and skin increases.

Skin Crisis 101
Early detection of skin cancers is key. If you don't see it and treat it, it will put your very life at risk. Here are some signs that may indicate cancer:
1. A skin spot that increases in size and changes color or even shape.
2. A skin spot that hurts, itches, scabs up, bleeds or even becomes crusty.
3. An open sore that doesn't heal up in a few weeks, or that opens again.
4. A mole or growth that changes in any way.

Brad Lamm is a board-registered interventionist. He is the author of How to Change Someone You Love. His group offers free training and support groups at

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