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Joyce, Fairfax Station, Virginia

I hope to have a "mind and body intervention!" As a breast cancer survivor, I'd like to take better care of myself. I would also like to spend more time with the "spiritual" me, learn to meditate and perhaps dig up the artist in me.

Quite strangely, sometime in mid-December, I had a few minutes to sit down and thumb through my new [O, The Oprah Magazine]. I saw the invitation to enter a contest to win a week at Miraval Resort with Oprah and Gayle. But, since I never enter contests, I read on. A little voice (no,honestly!) said, "Enter that contest, Joyce!" And without hesitation, I jotted down my 50 words on a postcard and then waited to hear from them in February. Indeed, the call came and off I went.

What did I win? A week at a glorious resort with Oprah Winfrey, of course! But what did I really get? I got back parts of myself that had been lost for years. I got affirmation as a woman, a phenomenal woman (Oprah said so!), and the gift of connection with 59 other phenomenal women from all over the country, who were perfect strangers only the day before, and now reside in my heart. Was I blessed to win, as my friends thought? No, I believe I won to be blessed.

And the most important thing I took home, what I believe now for sure, is something Oprah told us the first night: Take time to be still and listen for the "whispers" that we all get, that will guide us to everything we want and can be.