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Shonna, Compton, California

I hope to achieve "inner peace." I want to do things that I would have never thought I would be doing. I hope to find myself. I hope to find my purpose in life. I want to experience my happiness that I had so long ago. I want to lay all my burdens and hardships to the side and let it all be about me.

I would love to share with you a brief testimonial about my time at Miraval. It was heaven on earth. I have never experienced any thing like it. When I first got there the sight was breathtaking. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. It was wonderful. This vacation was life-changing for me. It's hard for me to explain the way I felt then and still feel now. I learned a lot about myself in those four days. I learned that I am special and worthy to be loved. I learned from Martha Beck that being strong doesn't mean you can't cry. "Crying is okay." I learned that I am blessed and that I should never doubt myself or my blessings.

The other women that were there were so phenomenal. It was so amazing how on the first day no one knew each other, but throughout those four days, lifelong friends were made. We touched each other lives in so many ways. We were no longer strangers. We had become sisters, friends, soul survivors bonded together. Beautiful women inside and out.