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Amanda, West Hollywood, California

Today is the first day of the rest of my life! I challenge my spirit to touch itself, to dig deep into sacred intimacy and pay forward to unique gifts, talent, compassion, passion, peace, joy, light and love. Laugh, listen, love and play with 50 dynamic women and soar!

From the first wink of winning the Miraval Contest, the experience has exceeded my expectations. After arriving home and getting back into the daily groove, I had no idea what an impact this life-altering trip would have on my existence. I was so disconnected from my inner life, therefore, unable to truthfully be the woman I thought I was. Having five days to turn my attention on me at every moment, being completely present was such an amazing gift for myself and everyone else that influences my being and vice-versa. ...

There was such discovery for me while at Miraval that I will probably continue to emotionally process the knowledge for a lifetime. Metaphorically, letting go of fear, control and trusting became very apparent during Swing and A Prayer and The Quantum Leap that I experienced with Oprah, Gayle and several other brave women. ... I will not let fear stop me from anything and I will pay that forward to anyone willing to listen. Next time, maybe I'll keep my eyes open. ... Each woman I had the honor to meet, brought a sense of extraordinary courage and strength. The energy of these women sent me off like a rocket and I am still soaring. ... The most important legacy for me was I left "my story" at Miraval, started a new chapter that began the first day of the rest of my life.