The night of the accident, Leandra sat in the back area of the car with her good friend Kayla and another girl. "I knew [Leandra] for four years, and we're really good friends," she says. "We did everything with each other."

Kayla says she thought something was wrong when she left the party with Carmen that night. Though she hadn't seen many drunk people before, Kayla thought Carmen was talking strangely. "I told Brittany that her mom kind of looks like she's kind of drunk. But Brittany said that if her mom would be drunk, her eyes would be kind of closed a little," she says. "Her eyes weren't closed, and so I believed her because she knows her mom really, really, really, really well. And I know her like half and half."

Kayla, who suffered a broken arm in the crash, says she doesn't remember much. "I remember the part where she says, 'Raise your hand if you think we're going to crash, or raise your hand if you think we're going to go home safe,'" she says. "I could tell that everyone was scared, but they don't want to raise their hand."

Kayla says she remembers feeling scared and worried. "I guess she went to go pull the brake, and then that's when we started flipping over, I guess."


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