Use these scripts as examples of how to commnuicate your intention for your relationships.

Script for Taking a Relationship to the Next Step
"I've made a decision to invest more deeply in the quality of my relationships. I always enjoy spending time with you and I especially appreciate your _________ (sense of humor, thoughtfulness, generosity, honesty, etc.). I'd love to create a fulfilling friendship where we support each other's success and growth while having fun. Are you interested?"

Scripts for Reconnecting with an Estranged Relationship
"I know it's been ____ years since we've spoken and I feel a little uncomfortable making this call. I wanted you to know that I miss our friendship and I'd love to reconnect. I wondered if you might be interested in catching up and seeing if there is anything here to resume?"

"I'm calling to reconnect and say hello. I know we had a rough time ____ years ago and yet I think of you often and miss our friendship. I've grown a lot since then and I thought I'd call to see how you are. Are you interested in catching up?"

What questions to ask when you want to take your relationship deeper


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