Creating Your Community Profile
Create a profile of the people you want to surround you. Follow these example characteristics and questions to ask yourself the following questions while creating a profile of your ideal relationship. Qualities to think about:

Physical qualities:
  • Should your friend be athletic and fit so you can participate in sports together?
  • Does style matter to you? Do you like to be around casual people or get dressed up and go out on the town?
  • Would you like your friend to be affectionate?
  • Can you most relate to someone who is single, married or has children?
Emotional disposition:
  • Is this person honest, funny and communicative?
  • Do you want a relationship that is warm and loving?
  • Do you want to be around a friend who is casual and fun?
Spiritual beliefs:
  • Would you like someone to share your religious orientation?
  • What kinds of spiritual beliefs might this person have?
  • Is it important that this person have a spiritual life?
Intellectual interests:
  • Is it important that a friend be well-read?
  • What kinds of intellectual interests do you have—politics, education?
Hobbies, personal interests:
  • Is it important that a friend be well read?
  • What kinds of hobbies or personal interests would you like to share - gardening, theater, recipes, crafts?
Career/Financial interests:
  • Should your friend be passionate about their work?
  • Think about the costs of your interests. For example, if you love to travel, does your friend need the means to do the same?
  • Maybe you and your friend share an interest in investing and finances. 
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