Best Friend
My mom. And not just because if I say it's anybody else I'll get in major trouble. During some of the roughest times in my life, she's said to me, "If I could take this from you and go through it myself, I would." I know I can always depend on her.

Best Pinch-Myself Moment
Winning a Grammy in 1999. I was only 20, and I was so shocked and excited when they called my name, I actually sprinted to the stage.

Best Way to Calm My Nerves
The worst thing to do before a performance is tell yourself, I'm afraid or I'm so nervous. Instead, I tell myself, All is well; everything is going to be great. I walk back and forth, and I stay completely quiet. And it works.

Best Time Waster
World of Warcraft, an online video game. I tried it out and became a geek overnight.

Best Meal
There's a restaurant called Houston's that makes a salmon with brown rice and black beans that I love. The closest one is 45 minutes away from my house—but it's well worth the trip.

Best Way to Unwind
I turn on my DVR and chill out to old episodes of 24. I'm still obsessed with Kiefer Sutherland.

Best Reason to Be Late
Doing my hair, because if it isn't done, that throws off my day. But that's the good thing about living in L.A.: I can always blame my tardiness on the traffic.

Best Way to Feel Beautiful
Have a glass of wine and put on a little makeup. Something about that combination just makes me feel good.

Best Thrill
Roller coasters. I love feeling like a kid, waiting in line at Disneyland or Six Flags and anticipating the stomach drop. If you don't love roller coasters, I'm afraid we just can't be friends.

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