"You'd be amazed at how people help once you're willing to ask." — Oprah
Many people are not following their passion because they are creatively blocked, paralyzed by fear or don't have the money. Cheryl Richardson suggests holding a brainstorming session. It's one of the quickest ways to get unstuck—use the creativity of others!

How To Brainstorm
  1. Get a group of people together. Ask a couple friends, family members or coworkers to join you. You can even ask these people to bring someone you don't know to the group. This might introduce new and different ideas.
  2. State your passion and your goals. Tell the group why you feel stuck.
  3. Open the session to idea. Remember, any and all ideas are welcome. Make sure you have assigned someone in the group to record all ideas so you can reference them later.
  4. Take action! Make it your goal to explore one of the brainstorming ideas shortly after your meeting. You owe it to yourself, your brainstorming friends and your dreams!
Brainstorming in Action
Renee, Cynthia and Kristin are three different women with the same obstacle—they don't know how to start doing what they love. A brainstorming session with Cheryl and some friends gave them the energy and ideas to start pursuing their passions! Within 12 hours, the women in this group all took action!

See the results of their brainstorming session.


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