Since Stephanie returned to her Utah home, very little has been easy. For the first few months she was home, she says her children didn't want to look at her or touch her.

"My redhead daughter, Jane, she came in, and it was like she saw the most terrifying person ever," Stephanie says. "I think she was expecting to come in and see Mom, and it was not Mom."

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Her scars may never heal, but Stephanie says it gets a little easier every day. Despite constant physical pain, she still manages to make lunches, bathe her children and celebrate life and love.

Cindy, Stephanie's mom, says this trying time has made her tight-knit family even tighter. "We all came together because of this accident, even more so, with great love and appreciation for each other," she says. "For our understanding of eternal life that we would always be together."


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