Q: If you've received treatment for alcoholism, are there any strategies or steps you can take to help resist temptation?

A:1. Avoid social isolation
2. Be mindful of "triggers" and avoid them, particularly when you are in early sobriety
3. Try not to spend unnecessary time around alcohol and/or heavy drinkers
4. If you plan to be out socially around alcohol, plan an "exit strategy" so that you are not trapped there if you become triggered
5. Practice self-care (get enough sleep, eat regularly, exercise, etc.)
6. Get appropriate professional treatment for underlying mental illness (e.g., depression, anxiety)
7. Follow through with your treatment plan
8. Be honest with another person if you are having cravings to drink
9. Have phone numbers in your phone of other sober people whom you can reach out to if you are having a hard time
10. Remember that having a craving to drink does not mean you should act on that thought
11. Learn to recognize the "alcoholic" part of your mind, observe it and disregard it
12. Remember that alcohol cravings only last between 30 seconds to three minutes and that they will pass
13. Consider participating in some type of spiritual practice (e.g., meditation, religious service)
14. Get involved and reach out to members of a mutual-help group (e.g., A.A., SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety)
15. Create a day-to-day routine and structure (e.g., work, making plans)


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