Carlton and Beverly Credelle

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After 16 years of marriage, Carlton and Beverly Credelle say the passion in their marriage had fizzled. "It just felt as though our life was just mundane, really passionless, almost emotionless," Beverly says. "Like I didn't have his mind anymore, his soul, his heart." At one point, the couple hadn't been intimate in a year.

Then, Beverly watched The Secret. "For the record, I've seen it 62 times. But the first time is when that lightbulb went off," she says. Beverly realized she was part of the problem. She stopped complaining and began to focus on her gratitude for Carlton. "I started telling myself, 'I am beautiful. I do deserve passion. I am in a passion-filled marriage.'"

Things changed immediately after Carlton also watched the DVD. Soon, he started making romantic gestures, like taking Beverly out for lunch dates and calling her during the day. She began doing little things for him, too—leaving him a rose in his car and surprising him with his favorite cookies.

Michael says Carlton and Beverly are an example of how gratitude brings about change. "My marriage now is wonderful," Carlton says. "I feel the passion. I'm loving it."