The trailer for "Queen of Katwe"

Best Song to Rock Out To

"Shekini" by P-Square, a Nigerian group, is infectious. I discovered it while filming Queen of Katwe in Uganda last year. Listening to the radio is very big in East Africa; if you're driving with your window rolled down, you will hear music.

Best Wardrobe Staple

A wide-brim hat. It can instantly elevate any look. I loved the film My Fair Lady growing up, so there's a bit of me that feels like Eliza Doolittle every time I wear one.

Best Advice

Go where you are loved. Danai Gurira, who wrote Eclipsed, shared that with me, and it's a valuable thought that's really stuck. When you're trying to find collaborators, you need to go where you are loved—because that's precisely the place where your dreams and goals will be nurtured. People who see the best in you bring out the best in you.

Best Way to Unwind

I got a coloring book in a swag bag from an event and thought, Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about this charming thing called coloring! I immediately got some colored pencils, gave it a try—and discovered that I love it. It's really fun! The idea is to give yourself a moment just to be in the moment.

Best Family Tradition

Singing a lively Kenyan birthday song with lots of call-and-response while banging on pots and pans. Anyone who's rolling with me needs to know it.


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