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Find Your 101 Things
In 1990, I took a goal-focusing workshop. One of the exercises involved writing down 101 things that you would like to do, be or have. I couldn't wait to do this, thinking it would be a piece of cake to come up with 101 things. The instructor had warned us that many people start out gung ho, but at about number 50, the writing slows down. She explained that after you commit to paper the obvious ones, like a bigger house, new car, a job you love, it gets harder to come up with ideas. You are stretching yourself beyond the everyday realm of what you think you can do/be/have in your life. You are going to be going out on a limb as you open your mind to new possibilities. And you might find that some resistance comes up. The voice of your inner critic can grow loud in protest as you begin to consider outlandish things. And that is where the fun of the exercise comes in. As you begin stretching yourself, you'll see yourself doing/being/having things you want without any concern for how they'll show up.

Just list them. Here are some examples: riding a bike through the wine country of France; cruising down the Rhine River in Germany; being recognized in your field by winning a prestigious award; living each day with happiness overflowing; owning a condo in your favorite vacation destination; kayaking four times a year; living debt-free. You get the picture. As a by-product of the list, you may overcome fears, realize dreams, relish simple pleasures, achieve your goals and surprise yourself with how much fun you have as you live your ideal, inspired life!