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Write with Your Nondominant Hand
You'll be amazed at the wisdom that pours forth. Joni, a therapist I worked with, introduced me to this concept many years ago. At first, it felt awkward to hold a pen in my left hand, not to mention my penmanship, which looked like that of a 7-year-old. But one day, while struggling with a recurring issue, I grabbed my journal. I could feel something shift as I switched the pen from my right hand to my left. The words that poured forth comforted me, allowed me to relax and reminded me of the power of "letting go and letting God." I began to realize that I was drawing on wisdom that was universal. You access a different part of your brain, since the left side of the brain governs the analytical while the right side governs the artistic. Over the years, I have used this technique often; and then, long periods of time will pass when I don't write at all with my nondominant hand. Something will trigger me to try it again, and I'll marvel at the insights I receive. Just yesterday, I was writing about a situation and the appropriate answer, which my personality-self and dominant hand clearly would have missed, was to think of this world as a playground rather than a school. When the world is a playground, it can be playful and fun. When it's a school, I need to learn lessons, pay attention, do the right thing. I totally loved the idea of thinking of myself as being on a playground, and will try to keep that front and center in my awareness as I go about daily life.