To help you to identify where your best energy is during the course of the day, spend the next few days monitoring your energy level on the chart below. You'll likely notice variations throughout the day. See if any patterns emerge. When you have the ability to arrange certain activities, it makes sense to do the tasks that require the most energy at the times when you have the most energy.

A sample energy chart is also provided here. Notice how energy dips in the middle of the afternoon. During that interval, a person might do something that does not require much thinking energy: organizing their desk, cleaning the office, or other low-energy-level tasks that aren't taxing.

Now take a few minutes to do your own energy chart for a typical work day. Repeat this process over several days. When do you experience your best energy? When is your energy lowest? Is it consistent from day to day?

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Do you notice any differences between the workday and the nonwork day? Are you surprised by the things that drain your energy? Can you commit to doing less of those in the future? Likewise, if you've discovered things that build your energy, can you bring those more into your life?

Monitoring your energy will help you to create a strategy for managing your days.

Awakened IntrovertFrom The Awakened Introvert by Arnie Kozak. Copyright 2015 by Arnie Kozak. Excerpted by permission of New Harbinger Publications.


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