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The Issue: A Friendship Feels Like an Obligation, Not a Pleasure.

The Redo: Make Sure You Truly Connect.

Maybe you have a pal who expects to talk or text with you daily, and you just don't have the time or energy to do so. The next time you meet in person, make an effort to show you're concentrating on her. Sustained direct eye contact fosters a level of intimacy that's lacking in so many interactions today, especially between friends. We hang out together but apart—all of us peering at our smartphones and glancing only occasionally at one another. Think about it: When you don't look someone in the eye, you're telling her she's not worthy of your full attention. The more focused you are on your friend when you're together, the less likely it is that she'll demand more of your time when you aren't. You'll get the space you want, without sacrificing the closeness every friendship needs.