Rebecca, a trainer at Jackie's gym, is another straight woman who has admitted her girl crush for Jackie—and went for it. On the show, viewers watched Rebecca have her first lesbian affair with Jackie. "I met Jackie and her charisma and her energy and her just sense of optimism—everything—it just blew me over," she says. "And I was in a relationship where I was getting nothing I needed, and Jackie just came along and filled every void that I had."

Rebecca says she couldn't get enough of Jackie. "She just consumed my thoughts. It was, like: 'What is happening? I am a straight woman. I like the man,'" she says. "But I'm realizing, as I have experienced, there's a little more push and pull as we get older."

Although their relationship has since ended, Jackie and Rebecca continue to work together and are still friends. Rebecca also has a new boyfriend. "I'm in a committed relationship, and I have been for a year," she says. "But I will say since this affair or however you want to term it, it's opened my eyes up and I'm a little bit different. Like I look at women differently, and I am more open to it."


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