For the first 39 years of her life, Carol Leifer spent a lot of time in the boys' club. The stand-up comedian—who's worked with everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Jay Leno to David Letterman—had been married and divorced and dated for many years.

Then, Carol's 40th birthday threw her a surprise. "I suddenly had this really mad desire to have an affair with a woman," she says. "I was divorced. I was childless. I figured there's got to be one more way to really tick off my mom."

Soon after, Carol went to a charity dinner and became smitten with the woman sitting across from her. "I told Lori that I kind of had this crush on her, and she was, like: 'No way. I'm not going to be a science experiment for some straight girl,'" Carol jokes.

With nothing left to lose, Carol took one last shot. "I used my patented line that I've used easily for the last 20 years—'Well, what would it hurt if we just made out?'"

How did that work? "Heard the [song lyric] 'I kissed a girl and I liked it'? Well, I kissed a girl and my head spun around," she says.


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