M. Gary Neuman discusses the signs of cheating.

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In his research as a marriage counselor and for The Truth About Cheating, Gary says he found several signs that a husband is cheating.
  • He spends more time away from the house.
  • You have less sex.
  • He avoids contact.
  • He does not answer his cell phone.
  • He criticizes you more.
"Not only are these the signs that he's cheating," Gary says, "but they're the same signs for when he is about to cheat—because I'm very interested in prevention. So if he's starting to do that, either he's cheating or you should bring it up because he might be about to cheat. It's a precursor."

Gary says another precursor to a man's cheating is when he suddenly cannot stop talking about another woman. "So many women, when they find out their husbands cheat, they know right away who he's been cheating with because he's been talking about her," Gary says. "He's been talking about lunch and the project and they're building things together, whatever. They're doing all kinds of stuff together."