We've all been there before: staring at the phone, wondering, "Why hasn't he called?" Our etiquette experts offer their take on when you should expect his call after you have sex for the first time.
Expert Advice
Ceri Marsh, etiquette columnist: It usually happens on a Saturday night, right? A Sunday night call is perfect. You need some time to decompress. Wednesday night, he's thinking about the weekend, keeping his options open. Friday night...that's a booty call. And maybe that's okay. You need to be clear with yourself first before you can expect him to be.

Harriette Cole, syndicated columnist: I think he should call the next day and say, "I enjoyed spending time with you"—not spending the night—"Do you want to go for a walk or have brunch?" Something easy and romantic. But I think you should wait [to have sex] until you have some kind of connection so he will call you.

Kim Izzo, etiquette columnist: With a one night stand, you can't have expectations.

E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine columnist: If there's one point I can make it's this: Never expect a man to do anything. Then you get that desperate thing and that is lethal to a relationship. Even if you know he will, you cannot want him to call.


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