What would she love you to do more of?

Rodrigo: Relax.

René: Take a compliment without blushing.

Brian: Not think about work. Do laundry. Or something purely creative.

Richard: Do my work without agonizing.

Ivan: Lighten up. it's rough out there, and I let it get to me a little too much. Many guys my age have been laid off, or their companies have folded. I wouldn't know how to live without being a productive person and bringing home a paycheck. For me it's inexorably linked to holding your head up.

Parris: Be more supportive. Sometimes I don't agree with her about how we should parent, and she sees that as not being supportive.

Jaime: Save money.

What makes you a man?

Parris: What makes you a man is being responsible and accountable.

Brian: Achieving any kind of goal.

Richard: This is going to sound so Zen, but you know you're a man when you don't have to ask the question anymore, when it's not important.

Ivan: It's when you have an ideal that you're willing to die for. Your family, your god, your country.

René: Never hiding behind this wall of macho manliness.

Jaime: When my sister had her child, we wanted her to finish school. So I stayed home for almost a year after my niece was born. It made me realize that things don't always come exactly when you want them to come. It humbled me, as someone who grew up and was taught: You go to school, you go out and work. I thought I should be making more money, but this was the thing that needed to be done. So I'd say becoming a man is when you understand you shouldn't feel any less of a man because you're taking care of a child.

Richard: And then again, maybe it's just when you read a map right. [Laughter]

Roland: No, that's when you're a wo-man. [Laughter]


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