What doesn't the woman in your life know about you?

Parris Hall Parris Hall: The amount of pressure and concern that I feel regarding my obligation and commitment to our family. We talk about it. But I'm not sure she feels it in the way that I've tried to describe it to her.

Parris Hall, 41, has been married 17 years and has two daughters, 11 and 14.

Jaime Hardaway Jaime Hardaway: My girlfriend probably doesn't realize how highly I value her opinion.

Jaime Hardaway, 29, has been seeing his girlfriend for 4 years. He is also helping to raise his 3-year-old niece.

Ivan Kronenfeld Ivan Kronenfeld: My wife should know that I'm occasionally right. [Laughter.]

Ivan Kronenfeld, 56, has been married 22 years. He has two stepchildren, 32 and 38; one grandchild, 10.

Rodrigo Kong Rodrigo Kong: My wife is from Japan—old-school Japan. And so for her, communication is really subtle; omissions are very important and sometimes saying nothing says a lot. I'd like her to know how much effort it takes for me to be quiet. I'm an American, and I want to keep talking and talking and talking.

Rodrigo Kong, 29, has been married 2 years.

Brian Connaughton Brian Connaughton: There isn't really anything. I think that's an enormous help to our relationship.

Brian Connaughton, 36, has been married 7 years and has a 2 1/2-year-old son.

René Millán René Millán: There's nothing my wife, Sarah Jane, doesn't know, though there are things she will never understand. She may know intellectually that I'm a barrio kid and inner city first-generation Mexican-American, but she won't ever understand what it's like to have grown up in that environment.

René Millán, 30, has been married 8 months.



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