There are as many ways to connect and express your love as there are stars in the sky. I am not talking about the big stuff like the gift of jewelry or throwing surprise parties. I am suggesting you infuse and nourish your relationship with small, thoughtful, meaningful acts of love. Let your imagination run wild. Be creative, playful, romantic, silly and, above all, be yourself.

  • Tape a little love note on the bottom of your loved one's glass of milk or juice. Watch as he or she finds the treasure at the bottom of the glass.
  • Start the day off by bringing your partner coffee in bed or with a little love by making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.
  • Say thank you for the little things you share.
  • Be gentle and conscious about creating a relationship and a home that is a safe, loving oasis.
  • Instead of dinner at the dining room table, surprise your partner with a picnic on the living room floor or in the backyard if it's a beautiful evening.
  • Wrap a candy bar in a note that says, "You're my sweetheart," or "You're the sweetest thing in my life" or "Have a sweet day."
  • Leave a little note on the steering wheel that reads, "I love you with all of my heart."
  • Have a CD of you partner's favorite music or a book on tape they have wanted to hear waiting on the dash of his or her car, with a note, telling him/her to listen.
  • Surprise him or her at the office with a special lunch brought in for two.
  • Send a text message that reads, "Thinking of you" or "You're hot" or something sassy and sexy.
  • Cut a bunch of flowers from the garden or just one and place in a vase on the night stand.
  • Leave a little note under the pillow that simply says, "I love you."
  • Create a simple, elegant, handmade card by cutting a heart out of a paper you like (a piece of wrapping paper, newspaper, tissue or floral wallpaper) and gluing it to a blank card. Fill the inside of the card with quotes on love.

Try these ideas and create a million more of your own. Each of these gestures is a small acknowledgment of the love you feel in your heart, and they will resonate with the one you love. I promise you these little acts will multiply in a big way. Simple, heartfelt acts beautifully break through the chaos of your days, infusing them with a gentle order. Time slows, and the person you touch will feel inclined to pass along this newfound sense of happiness and love. 

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