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I was in college, and there was a huge ice storm on Valentine's Day. The weather was horrible, school was canceled, and the roads looked like ice rinks. I went out and bought my girlfriend a dozen roses from the mall, and as I was walking to my car, I thought to myself that it wasn't enough. I had to buy her something more. So I went back into the mall, and I went to Hallmark and bought her the whitest, fluffiest teddy bear you have ever seen.

As I was walking back to my car, I stepped on some black ice and I went flying up in the air. As I was in mid-air, I shifted my body so I could save the teddy bear from getting dirty. I landed on my back, and my right foot got caught underneath me. I sprained it really bad. I thought it was broken. The roses I had were totally crushed, and the teddy bear had mud all over its fluffy head. I showed up to my girlfriend's door with a limp, mud all over my clothes and her teddy bear with a dozen crushed roses. Isn't that romantic? If this isn't a disaster, I don't know what is!

— Rupi of Kitchener, Ontario