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Take a Minivacation from Each Other
Rojales, who's seen her fair share of couple meltdowns in Honolulu, says a common mistake couples make is being overly ambitious, which leaves them tired and cranky. Many of the guests who come to her with every second of their stay planned, end up flopping at the pool after a jam-packed day or two and missing the major attractions that brought them to Hawaii in the first place. She suggests narrowing down your wish list to three must-see, must-do things. If you're a museum buff, but your partner gets easily burned out from walking long, silent corridors, take time apart—even if it's just an afternoon. On Seper's round-the-world trip, he planned a five-day hike in the mountains of northern India while his wife did yoga at an ashram.

If you're vacationing with family and your significant other, set up an escape plan in advance (try renting a kayak for two or booking a couples massage) that guarantees you'll get some alone time without hurting anyone's feelings. (Coming up with a code word or secret phrase before leaving that signals "Get me outta here!" is also never a bad idea.)
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