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"We have jumbo king crab legs on Christmas, usually wearing ski goggles. Those suckers squirt."

—Allison Perry, 30, Boulder, Colorado

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"On Christmas Eve, we have a big 'favorite things' dinner: We each get to eat our best-loved food, whether it's steak or lobster or, as I've requested in years past, nothing but desserts."

—Rachel Mount, 27, New York City

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"My siblings and I have a holiday gathering at my father's grave, singing carols and decorating a tree with solar lights. Dad loved the holidays, so we celebrate the way he would have."

—Sheila McIntyre, 48, Burlington, Vermont

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"Before we open presents, our three kids get in bed with us and my husband tells them each the story of the day they were born. They don't let him forget any details!"

—Kelly Daley Zimmerman, 41, Fairport, New York

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