For the past three years, Brittany's parents have stood by her side, offering support and sending her to counseling, but they couldn't stop the cycle. If Brittany goes back to her abusive ex again, Ken, her father, says they'll continue to be there for their daughter. "We'll be there to help support her and try to keep her away from him as much as we can," he says.

Darlene says she and her husband learned in counseling that they've been enablers...but not anymore. "There's been many times that she's left and come back," she says. "Ken's been angry. I've been upset and sad. I think that now we've just told her these are the choices that she's made, and we've backed off."

How to talk to your teen about relationship violence

Brittany's parents have also taken steps to protect themselves. Before going to jail, Brittany's ex allegedly threatened her and her family. "He has told Brittany before some things he would do and how he would do it," Ken says. "So we've kind of taken precautions to keep things safe around here."


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