Brittany and her parents, Ken and Darlene, are Skyping in from their home because Brittany isn't able to travel. She's 7 months pregnant with her abusive ex-boyfriend's child, a baby girl.

Currently, Brittany's ex-boyfriend is in jail. Though she doesn't want to go back to him when he's released, she says there's still a chance. "Today I feel strong in knowing that I won't go back, but I've relapsed before," she says.

Why does she keep going back? Brittany says she feels disconnected from the abuse—like it never happened to her. "I feel like that wasn't me that he did that to," she says. "I feel like I'm going to wake up ... and be able to start over. And that's not the case. It just feels like I'm in a nightmare."

As she prepares to become a mother, Brittany says she has more motivation to move on. "I feel strongly that it's my job to protect her," she says. "A baby doesn't know when to stop crying or when her dad has had too much. He could do something to her, and she's my responsibility now."


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