Vicki Crompton-Tetter, a mother Oprah says she never forgot, knows exactly what Ken and Darlene are going through. In 1993, Vicki came on The Oprah Show to talk about the death of her teen daughter, Jenny. In 1986, Jenny was stabbed to death by her abusive high school boyfriend, Mark Smith.

After hearing Brittany's story, Vicki offers advice to Ken and Darlene. "It seems like they have done everything possible. They are terrified for their daughter's safety, and yet, it seems to me that they've almost done too much," she says. "I know from all my years in working with this issue that parents who are trying to control and keep their daughter out of the relationship, it's not going to work. So my heart breaks because I know the fear that they're feeling."

Tyra says Vicki reminds her of her own mother.


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