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Once you've been reading other people's tweets for a few days or weeks, maybe it will be time to try posting a tweet yourself. There's no right or wrong way to tweet, though some people do get obsessed with how many followers they have and post tweets that they hope will attract more followers. I recommend focusing on using Twitter to connect with the people you care about. Think about your tweets as a way of sharing whatever you want your friends to know about you. Just remember that because Twitter moves so fast, your friends may miss your tweets (people who follow hundreds of people typically see only a tiny fraction of what all those people are posting) and whatever you post will be permanently visible unless you delete it.

Twitter has its own lingo. Here's a guide to help you make the most of it!

Become a Follower
These are the people you follow on Twitter—your friends, colleagues, favorite companies and organizations. You'll see their latest status updates whenever you log in to or check your Twitter client. There will also be people who sign up to read your Twitter updates. You will be notified when someone is following you. If you don't like the idea of strangers reading your updates, you can check the option to "Protect my tweets" on the account settings page.

Use a Twitter Client
A software program or website that you can use to view, organize or post tweets. Most people find Twitter much more useful and enjoyable if they use a client program like Tweetdeck, which is free for download to PC, Mac or iPhone.

Search Twitter
One way to discover what's happening on Twitter and find exactly what interests you is to use Twitter's built-in search engine. Just type in "Red Sox" to see who is tweeting about the big game or "prayer" to see what others have to say.

Make a Mention
A mention is a tweet that references a specific Twitter user or user's comment by referring to their username, beginning with the @ sign. For example, you'd mention Oprah on Twitter by typing "I am so excited to check out the new @Oprah network." Or you could send me a public message my mentioning me in your tweet: "Hi @awsamuel, I am trying out Twitter using your tips!"

Send Direct Messages
You can also send messages privately to another Twitter user, though you can't send a direct message until that person is following you. Just begin your tweet with "D username" (no @ sign). For example, if I follow you, you can send me a direct message by typing "D awsamuel This is a private hello!"

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