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The Friend Who Lives on Memory Lane
You've been besties since you finger-painted Mom's Coach purse in kindergarten; and, you two spent just about every afternoon in high school playing MASH, making Tiger Beat locker collages and prank-calling your crotchety neighbor. Every time you two hang out, you talk about those topics, in that order. Those memories are amazing, and you wouldn't trade them for the world; but now that you're older, you don't have anything in common. As hard as you try to bond over your current lives, things inevitably revert back to the good old days. There's no progress with a friend like this; only the looming (and oh-so-wrong) feeling that your friendship peaked in 10th grade. The friendship doesn't have to end, but it also doesn't have to be forced. Years later, you may reconnect over your kids' finger-painting adventures. Until then, you might find you can chat more easily over Facebook messages than lattes.