Family moves to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and begins to reconnect. Paula soon pregnant again.

graffAugust 1969
Michael born.

Charles takes surgical position in western Pennsylvania. Paula despondent. "The town was so ugly, I cried. There were just two restaurants, and Pittsburgh, the nearest city, was 25 miles away." On the bright side, shared obsession with Pittsburgh Steelers begins. Charles: "In the 15 years that followed, I missed two games. Two."

New friendships via local synagogue. Paula, after much practice since steak and tart debacle, establishes reputation as dinner party virtuoso.

Paula books family trip to Bahamas. Charles stays behind for Steelers game: "I had to see Franco Harris in the playoffs!" After game, calls Paula to say he's lonely. Paula tells him to call Franco.

Tenth anniversary: Charles buys large diamond. Paula delighted!

Attack of the 6-Foot Raccoon. A nocturnal marauder repeatedly scatters couple's trash while they sleep. Charles vows revenge. Raccoon stands to fight. Charles, grossly overestimating raccoon's height, flees to house, runs upstairs, jumps in bed. Bed nearly breaks. Paula: "I never laughed so hard in my life."

Paula considers leaving Charles, and 13-year-old David embraces Judaism
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