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The Everybody's-Looking-at-Me Situation
What's going on: You're standing on a stage about to give a speech. Gulp.

What not to say: "Good morning, I'd like to spend some time this morning talking about A, B and C." (You're telling the audience what you're going to tell them). Or, "Thank you for having me." (Express gratitude at the end of your speech; it doesn't get people's attention) Or, "So sorry to meet so close to lunch!" (Never apologize. You're here to say something worth paying attention to).

What to say: "Nine out of every 10 women wear the wrong size bra." Or, "Right now we have an unanticipated opportunity to grow our brand to that magical threshold of one billion dollars." This kind of surprising, factual opening is what will entice listeners to want more information—from you.