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The Empty Yogurt Situation
What's going on: You go to grab the vanilla yogurt from the fridge and see it's empty, save for one measly spoonful. Worse, you remember seeing your husband chowing down straight from the container a few days ago.

What not to say: "You ate the yogurt and stuck it back in the fridge! Seriously?"

What to say: "Crap. There's no yogurt. I'll pick some up on my way home." What this does is allow you to vent about the situation (which is what you're most upset about) and not the person who may (or may not be) to blame, writes psychotherapist Carlo Alasko, PhD, in Say This, Not That: A Foolproof Guide to Effective Interpersonal Communication. This phrase also reminds you that you have the power to fix things; you're not a victim of a dairy disaster.