In March 2003, Oprah met Joe, Becky and their three young children for the first time. Now, six years later, the Roach family continues to inspire.

Ross is 16 years old and learning to drive, while 14-year-old Sherry spends most of her time at the stable with her horse, Dallas. At just 12 years old, Will has already set himself apart as the social butterfly of the family. "I'm thankful for how proud my three kids make me," Joe says. "They've overcome so much, and yet they're good kids and good people."

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Becky and Joe say they've always been honest with their children about their adoptions and diverse backgrounds. "We're all dwarfs, and we raise attention that way. But we also raise attention that we're all very diverse culturally," Joe says. "You see blended families being adopted, but this is like the super blender. We've got a little United Nations here."

Despite their differences, Becky says they're just like any other family. "There's so many things we're dealing with that it just seems normal," she says. "[The fact] that we're short or the fact they're adopted or the fact of the nationalities—not one of those things sticks out. It's just the mix."
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