Joe and Becky Roach always knew their family would be different. Both Joe, a criminal lawyer, and Becky, a NASA employee, are little people, born with a type of dwarfism.

Over the years, this Texas power couple has overcome many stereotypes and physical limitations, but nothing compared to the heartbreak they suffered early in their marriage.

In just three years, Joe and Becky buried three babies—one stillborn infant and two children who died shortly after birth. Despite their tragic losses, they still dreamed of being parents and began looking into adoption.

One day, Joe answered the phone and received an answer to their prayers. The voice on the other end told him about a dwarf child in the Philippines who had been abandoned by his birth mother. "He was strapped to a hospital bed for a good year, year and a half. His legs were Jell-O. There was no muscle tone at all, and they tried to sell him on the black market," Joe says. "God knows what the conditions were there."

Joe and Becky received a photo of the child via fax and were given 24 hours to decide whether to adopt him. "I said, 'This is meant to be,'" Joe says. The Roaches named their son Ross and showered him with love and attention.

Five months later, they got a call about a baby girl who was also born with dwarfism and given up for adoption. Without hesitation, Joe and Becky adopted the American girl and named her Sherry...but they didn't stop there.

When a third dwarf child, a boy from Taiwan, was put up for adoption, Joe and Becky welcomed him into their home. They named him Will. "We had no family, and suddenly we have three marvelous children," Joe says. "We are truly blessed."
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