Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley

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After Elvis's death, Lisa Marie moved to live full time with Priscilla in Los Angeles. Priscilla says she was worried about the effect of that city on Lisa Marie. "L.A. is not really a place to raise children," Priscilla says. "There's too much excess there. There's too much of everything there. And my battle was trying to keep her away from all of that, and that's why I sent her to a school about two hours away, thinking that would be a way of keeping her out of the scene."

There was even a time in which Priscilla tried to instill some sophistication in Lisa Marie. "I wanted you to go to school in Europe," Priscilla says. "Study French. Be a model for the French, you know."

How did Lisa Marie like her introduction to continental culture? "She sent me to Europe," she says. "Oh God, what a nightmare."