Priscilla Presley

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Priscilla says the Elvis she knew—and the life they led together—was very different from the one the public knew.

"I met a very vulnerable Elvis," she says of her first meeting with "the King." "I didn't really see him as a movie star. I got to see a side of Elvis that very few people got to see. He had just lost his mother a year before that and he was in the Army in Germany, a very foreign place to him. And he was just like a little boy, really...So I was someone that he really confided in and talked to at the time."

Priscilla says their world was like a bubble. "We had our own friends. We traveled with them constantly. We ate with them. We worked with them. We [took] trips and bus trips and planes and vacations, and it wasn't a real life. It was really our own world entirely with the same people. Elvis very rarely associated with anyone in Hollywood, believe it or not. He was a Memphis, Tennessee, boy and he would go back to Graceland and that was his refuge. That was where he, you know, thrived."