If only our pets could travel with us on every out-of-town adventure. Sadly, that isn't realistic. There will be times you'll have to enlist the help of a petsitter to watch over your furry friends while you're away. Use this guide to guarantee your sitter has all the information she'll need to keep your pets safe and happy until you return.

  • Introduce your sitter. Make sure your sitter meets your pet in advance of your trip. Otherwise, it might be a shock to when a strange person appears.
  • Time and date of departure and return. Make sure your sitter knows the exact days and times you will be traveling.
  • Contact Information. Give your sitter the information on where you can be reached at in the event of an emergency: cell phone, hotel and room number. Make sure they have a phone number for a local friend or family member as well.
  • Security code. To avoid any potential run ins with the law, be sure your sitter has your house codes.
  • Vet information. Provide the name and phone number of regular vet and emergency vet.
  • Schedule for feeding and walking. Cats and dogs do know when their owners are gone, so keeping them on the same routine helps them feel more at ease while you're away.
  • Medications. Give the sitter a list of any medications your pet is taking—and the schedule for taking them.
  • Specific name and brand of food and treats. Leave this information behind in case you didn't have time to buy food before you left or trip in case your trip is unexpectedly extended.
  • Favorite toys. Make a list of stores where your sitter can pick up a replacement in case your pet gets a little overzealous with their current toy.
  • If dogsitting, provide a list of potential unfriendly dogs or people along the walk route. It's important to note any dangerous dogs in the neighborhood.
  • A list of rooms or furniture that are off-limits to the animals. Like children when their parents are away, cats and dogs try to test their limits when you are away, so let your sitter know of any limitations to avoid any unwanted behavior.
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