Catherine talks about her cheating husband.

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Mistresses aren't the only ones left heartbroken by cheating husbands. Catherine's marriage ended after her husband strayed.

Catherine says she discovered her husband was cheating when he came home one night with lipstick on his lips…but that wasn't her first clue. Once, when the couple was taking a road trip, Catherine's husband refused to answer his cell phone while she was in the car. "When we stopped for gas, I caught him checking his phone and talking to someone," she says. "I said, 'I bet that's not a friend. I bet that's a woman.'"

Catherine stayed with her husband despite her suspicions of his infidelity, until the day the sheriff knocked on the door. "[He] served him child support papers," she says. "He knew it was coming, and he just opted not to tell me." Catherine says she had no idea her husband had a child with another woman.

"I proceeded to try to knock his front tooth out," she says. "[Then], I decided it was time to leave."