Melissa talks about the wife of the man she was dating.

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One thing many wives who've been cheated on wonder is if the "other woman" ever thought about them? Did they ever consider the other lives they may be hurting?

Melissa says the wife of the man she was seeing was an important element of her affair—but not in the way you might expect. "She was a character of his life. She was an extension of him just like the kids, his friends or the rest of his family. She was just a part of his life that I accepted," she says. "In the very beginning it didn't bother me. But as I knew that she became suspicious, it started to bother me. I knew it was hurting somebody else."

Michelle says she has no interest in meeting the wife of her lover. "I don't know her name, what she does. I've never asked," she says. "I've never wanted to put a face to the person. I've never wanted to give her an identity."