For 28 years, Patricia and Alton have given each other a romantic gift every night...a love letter! Open lines of communication in your marriage by journaling with your spouse. Start with these three steps.

  1. Write about your day or where you are right now. (i.e. "Today was exhausting between all my meetings. I couldn't wait to get home to rest my feet.")
  2. Focus on your spouse, starting with "I love you because..." (i.e. "I love you wake up early every day to make me coffee before I get out of bed.")
  3. Ask a question of your spouse. Take turns each day for who comes up with the question. It can be as simple as, "What's your favorite dessert?" to more probing like, "Tell me something about yourself that would surprise me." This should be used as the area that can get you talking to your spouse.
Take time after you've each finished your three-part journal entry to read your partner's thoughts and discuss. Remember to do this every night!


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