German Shepard Rondo

Photo: Courtesy of Zach Skow

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This stunning, statuesque shepherd is Rondo. He is a neutered, vaccinated, 80-pound, two- or three-year-old, purebred German shepherd. Rondo came to us via the Cal City Pound. Pulling a large, unknown dog out of a cage where it has been stewing—and then asking it to sit shotgun in your vehicle while you drive it to the shelter—is a risky proposition. Many things could have gone wrong, but they didn't. Rondo jumped right into my truck, stuck his big ol' head out the window and said, "Let's roll!" (It was an inner monologue.)

Off we went to the Pet Lodge where Rondo was treated to the Marley's Mutts super-duper spa treatment. He was a model groomee and even let the girls cut his nails. After the Pet Lodge Rondo had his date with destiny at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital, and was neutered. Unfortunate for him, because it seems that Rondo really had the hots for Stormy, one of the terrific (and brilliant) veterinary technicians. Rondo is a celebrity wherever we take him. Combine his calm, cool personality with his undeniable beauty and the result is that most people fall in love. He is good with other dogs as well as children, and he would make an excellent family dog. If you are interested in adopting Rondo or other dogs like him, please visit