When your child asks where babies come from, do you break a sweat and blame it on the stork? Have you had a conversation about oral sex, masturbation or contraception with your teen? If you haven't started "the talk" with your child, sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman says you could be making a big mistake.

Dr. Berman says kids today know a lot more about sex than we think they do. In fact, Dr. Berman says children are being forced to make sexual decisions by middle school, from receiving sexually explicit text messages—also called "sexting"—to feeling pressured to perform acts like oral sex.

See what sexual pressures junior high school students are now facing.  Watch

What you need to do as a parent, Dr. Berman says, is arm them with knowledge that will guide them well into adulthood. "You want to start these conversations early with your kids—before they find themselves in the circumstances where they're having to make those healthy sexual decisions."


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