Dr. Berman's Love-Lift for Every Woman Although Berman wants O's makeover candidate Ava Owens to be completely platonic for now, the doctor often recommends VENIS (very erotic noninsertive sex) to women in search of a romantic pick-me-up. The key is to be sexual—massaging each other with oils, focusing on kissing (tell your partner to kiss you the way he likes to be kissed, then do the same for him), enjoying lingerie—without having intercourse. You may be tantalized and tempted to take it further. Don't, Berman says. It's not that she has anything against an orgasm. Let it happen—his, hers, simultaneous, whatever (no one's keeping score); just make certain penetration is not involved.

"It's so easy to just go through the motions and have intercourse," Berman says. "But by exploring other ways to be sexual, couples become more creative in their lovemaking—which, besides being more erotic, can actually be much more intimate." can actually be much more intimate."

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